left: jacket, pullover, trousers / Bed_J.W._Ford /l ace, boots / vintage

right: cap, jacket, hi neck, socks, boots / TAKAHIRO MIYASHITA The soloist / slip / La Perla

left: jacket, skirt / boots / 80’s vintage / tank top, loose socks / stylist’s own
right: shirt, trousers, numbering top, socks / TAKAHIRO MIYASHITA The soloist /veil / 50,s vintage

left: jacket, shirt, trousers / bed_j.w._ford / boots, belt\stylist own
right: vest, batches, skirt, socks / TAKAHIRO MIYASHITA The soloist / glove / vintage

jacket shirt, trousers / bed_j.w._ford

tie shirt, denim, tank top / bed_j.w._ford/tiara/vintage/boots/vintage
right: down vest, knit / TAKAHIRO MIYASHITAT he soloist

Photographer: Takako Kanai @coco_can_i from A.K.A management www.ufulu.studio

Stylist: Go Momose @go_momosee www.gomomose.com

Hair stylist : Shingo Shibata from eight peace management www.eightpeace.net/shingo_shibata/

Makeup artist : Toru Sakanishi @torusakanishi from joe management www.torusakanishi.studio

Model: Mioko from NUMBER EIGHT www.numbereight-models.jp/portfolio-item/mioko/