Vest and Knicker Set, Peter Hahn
Velvet Dress, FOR LOVE OF LEMONS, Top, Square Vintage, shoes, Truffle Collection
left: Shirt by DEPLOY demi-couture, Gloves by DEPLOY demi-couture, Feather Fascinator by DEPLOY demi-couture, Cape by SQUARE VINTAGE, Pants byDEPLOY demi-couture, Gloves by DEPLOY demi-couture, Boots, by TRUFFLE COLLECTION
right: Jumpsuit by DEPLOY demi-couture, Coat by Designer Elizabeth Eldimaa , Bag by Designer Elizabeth Eldimaa, Boots by Truffle Collection, Hat by Square Vintage, Jewellery by Topshop
Top and Skirt by Designer Tsitis Fred, Blouse by Minkie, Sandals by Truffle collection
Military Jacket by Square Vintage, Top by Minkie, Skirt by Designer Elizabeth Eldimaa , Trainers by Nike

Photographer : Olivia Lifungula (@Olivialifungula)
Model : Lulu Stone at Leni’s Model (@Lulustone , @Lenis_Models) 
Stylist:BeaLinton (
Hair and Make up : Laila Zakaria (@Laimakesup)