Dress. State of Underdress. Glasses. Dior from Durant sessions

Left: Sheer Top and pants Nike. Necklace. Stylist own. Shoes.

Right: State of Underdress.

Left: Jumper: State of Underdress Jacket: Vintage Hat: Vintage beaded cloche. Shoes. Converse

Right: Shirt: State of Underdress. Hat: Vintage beaded cloche.

Blazer and Swimsuit: JWS Shoe: Converse

left: Jeans jacket: Naked and Famous. T-shirt. Dutil Pants: JWS Shoes Dr. Martens Necklace: Toneedition

right: Sheer Shirt and pants: Nike

left: Jacket: Vintage leather T-shirt: Tone Edition Pants: Vintage YSL Glasses: Dutil

right: Jacket and skirt: JWS

left: Dress: State of Underdress Glasses: Dior at Durant Sessions

right: Glasses: Dutil

Photography by Trevor Brady @trevorbrady1

Fashion by Claudia Schulz @cs.xandra

Makeup Talysia Ayala @talysia

Hair Ysa Branker @styledby.ysa with @lurevancouver

Models: Daisy DeHart @daisy.dehart and Emily McIntyre @emiilymcintyyre at @lizbellagency
Owen Cutler @owencutler at @familymanagement