“Radical Beauty”, a project dedicated to people with special needs, people that the fashion and art world have not addressed in a meaningful way thus far. The project includes artists, designers and photographers and invites them to present their own personal interpretation of the subject matter according to their own aesthetics.
M0’de Ani (I am thankful)
My interpretation of the project is through a Jewish prayer, the first prayer to be said by a Jewish man of faith. My immediate connection to the prayer is a result of my religious past and the dialogue I have with religion nowadays.
Doony, a 43 years old man, has down syndrome, is married and working at a restaurant. Society deems this as a normal life style- working, being married, and this made me think of and recreate the moment in bed, upon waking up and before thanking God through the prayer. The prayer acknowledges and thanks the lord for one’s own creation and life, and I got the sense that Doony himself is grateful for each day he is alive and gets to spend with his partner.”
Photography and Concept: Eliran Nargassi ( www.elirannargassi.com )
Model: Doony Silver
Production Assistant: Ifat Ezra
For more information about the “Radical Beauty Project” visit: www.radicalbeautyproject.com