“Camera flash, and a light.
And a noise, imperceptible.
People murmuring among themselves,
moving between fabrics and brushes, unconcerned.
She watched, breathing slowly.
Between lights and shadows, her body was hiding,
fragile, fear of not accepting herself.
So desired, requested, because ‘different’ is the trend.
She worked for who, for what, she no longer knew.
Child, then woman.
Her potential suppressed, her skin sold.
Her creative soul was screaming, trying to break free and be heard.
She had so much to offer,
and now that confidence and carefreeness of hers
were just distant memories.
A request, a simple, small and innocent request.
Looking up at the sky she yearned for freedom and respect
and closing her eyes, the sound of her laughter echoed.”


Photography: D. Kelly Rosa www.kellyrosa.me @kellycatches
Model: Charlotte @dotted_dots at DMA Models @dma_models
Stylist: Nicola Cioffi @theotherdoriangray
Make-up Artist / Hairstylist: Anh Nguyaen @anhnguyaen

Designer: Marlien Peeters @marlienpeeters_design
Creative copywriter: Giorgia Giannini @giannini.giorgia