Cheetah print dress with the tulle black sleeve, designer: Marta Ruiz, Red stiletto boots: Ghost Stylist House, Emerald green Earrings: Ghost Stylist House 

Pink tulle skirt and leopard gloves, designer: Marta Ruiz, Accessories: Ghost Stylist House , Hat Designer: Keith And James

Faux fur jacket: H&M, Faux leather skirt: ASOS, Snake print boots: Steve Madden, Accessories: Ghost Stylist House

Pink Disco fringe dress, Entire look: Ghost Stylist House 

Black trench coat: Vintage London Fog, Lace tights: Yancy, Fascinating Headpiece: Walmart , Accessories: Ghost Stylist House

Photographer: Mihir Jaideep Thakkar @themihirthakkar

Model: Nyanjam Malek @iamnyanjam

Stylist & Creative Director: Teauna Reed @ghoststylistsince87