Brand NASTYA NEKRASOVA @nastyanekrasovadesign  in collaboration with beauty expert Elena Kolnochenko,the founder of the new Russian cosmetic brand COSMIC SKIN, developed a technological beauty mask for skin care that combines innovative elements of the beauty industry and unique design.

CONCEPT :: Our main goal was to create something much bigger than just another product of beauty.We decided to create an object that combines high technologies and extraordinary design, to fill it with history and meaning.This is a kind of synthesis of nature and technology, a symbol of the unification of human progress and the incomprehensible beauty of the Universe, a reminder of our involvement in a world that is already millions of years old.



Model: Roma Milova @romamilova

3D Artist: Anna  Surkova @anna.surkova__

Photo: Viktoria Steklova @victoriasteklova

Style: Julia Kliver @high_heels_models

Makeup: Genya Veselova @veselova _vizazh

PR: Sofiia Nefedova @nefedova.sofi