Goddess Aphrodite.. She is the Queen of Beauty, The goddess of L.O.V.E….. ultimate seducer.. Sensual, she knows preciously how to sparkle & seduce. She loves love, but she adores her freedom.. doesn’t really commit. She is theatrical.. she is beautiful, sparkle eyes, beautiful body, classic beauty. She is more interested in sexual contacts than emotional. She feels very comfortable in her own skin & body.
She doens’t stand for perfection, but think it’s more important to be confident & that is the key/ magic to seduce. She is A heartbreaker & also egoistic. She lives in the now. She can be An unguided woman. She doesn’t give her energy to everyone: She only pays attention to the ones she thinks are inspiring.. the rest she doesn’t care about A minute.
Images shot by : @roosvanrij / model Michaela Watson @babychaela for our upcoming sustainable brand @aya.label
All the designs are made of old fish-nets ( recycled).