kyd Barrett @kydbarrett interviewed by J. Horsth @j.horsth shot by Antonio A Far @antonio_andradef

As a multi-artist, what type of artistic expression do you think you most enjoy working with nowadays? Is it your favorite form of art?

“I think that lately I’ve really been just diving deep into music, as opposed to photography, poetry, film and drawing. I usually tend to get inundated in whatever I’m doing at the moment, and I sort of block out everything else until I feel comfortable with it. I enjoy just getting lost in my head, and the universe within myself, and finding my way back, slowly exploring new avenues of expression with sounds and vibrations. It’s a journey that is never ending, but so satisfying at the same time. I don’t think I have a favorite way to express myself. It just depends on the mood, I guess. Lately the mood has been guitar and synthesizers.”

Your music, to me, gives off a dark lo-fi 90’s electronic feel with a modern edge. Are you able to transpose this same feel and color to photography and film directing? Or are they separate feelings?

“Yes, and that’s precisely why I enjoy the two mediums for expression. With music you can tell the story with words and sounds, but sometimes you can hear words and sounds from looking at a single image. We use music to capture sounds and photography to capture light but they both compliment each other. My art naturally all comes from the same place within me, so it somehow always feels connected.” 

You seem to have an eccentric style. Has fashion and style always played an important role in your artistic personality?

“I was never really allowed to dress the way I wanted to when growing up. I would have to sneak my clothes around and hide stuff. I also would sometimes trade clothes with friends at school. This made me pursue fashion that I wasn’t allowed even more. It wasn’t until high school, when I worked for a clothing line and got a bit more freedom, that I started to dive deeper into fashion and really pay attention to every detail of what I was wearing and how I could also use clothing as a way to get a message across. I love the ritual of getting ready. It feels like a warrior putting on armor before going into battle.”

Your partner in film shooting and directing is also your partner in life. Do you think that these are two different types of partnerships or do they both work hand in hand?

“I think that love and art go hand in hand. We both love art as much as we love each other, if not more. This is what drew us to each other in the first place. I think that art is the glue that seals us together. We work very well together because of how similar and open we are to each other’s ideas. We always give each other artistic space. I love being able to make art with her and then just hang out and love each other when it’s all done. I think we have to let love guide us, always. Love is an art form afterall.”