Hat : @yanhats ‘The garden of Delights’, Linen : @dreamonhome.eu Linen Bedding Set ‘Brown’

left: Ring ( left) : @miesnobis ‘jardin’ ring, Ring (right, overhead) : @miesnobis ‘Rota ring’, Ring (right) : @miesnobis ‘Eklim ring’

right: Brooch : @katebajic ‘Brooch’

left: Earring : @ofrjewelry ‘Medusa Pearl’ Earrings

right: Brooch : @carolinasilva_orfebre ‘Gingko Tupu’

left: Linen : @dreamonhome.eu

on top: Earring : @milanovastudio, Earring (overhead) : Models own

right: Fragrance : @abelodor

left: Ring : @_cthruit ‘Ring Sphere’, Ring : @_cthruit ‘Ring’

right: Ring (overhead) : @miesnobis ‘jardin’ ring, Ring : @_cthruit ‘Ring Sphere’

left: Earring : @milanovastudio, Ring (left) : @miesnobis  ‘Pared’ Ring, Ring (middle) : @miesnobis  ‘Eklim Ring’, Ring (right) : @miesnobis ‘jardin’ ring

right: Ring (overhead) : @miesnobis ‘jardin’ ring, Ring (left) : @miesnobis ‘Eklim’ Ring , Necklace : Necklace : @ginamelosojewellery //brokenPROMISES// long Pendant

Ring : @_cthruit ‘Ring Sphere’

left: Brooch : @katebajic ‘Brooch’

Ring : @_cthruit ‘Ring Sphere’, Linen : @dreamonhome.eu Linen Bedding Set ‘Brown’

Photographer : @knoops and @arnaud.ele from AA-COLLECTED @aacollected