Jacket – Zara, T-Shirt – Bad Vibes Brigade,  Skirt – Oak + Fort, Shoes – Marc Jacobs
Brown Suit Jacket – Burberry, Turtleneck Sweater, Black Shirt – Rick Owens / goes with the third spread
Oversized Suit (Jacket/Skirt) – Yohji Yamamoto, T-shirt – Luke Vicious / goes with the second spread
Suit (Jacket/Pants) – Calvin Klein, Shoes – Common Projects, Black See-through Shirt – Vintage
Navy Suit (Jacket/Pants) – Kenneth Cole, White T-Shirt – HBA, Shoes – Marc Jacobs
Photo by Sun Choi (@sunoow) www.bysunchoi.com
Featured by Alondra Hurtado (@alondrahurtado) from Scout Agency
Styled by Khai Hutchison (@khvi) www.arkhaives.net
Makeup/hair by Whittany Robinson (@whittanyrmakeup) www.whittanyrobinson.com