Thrifted headscarf, Pierre Louis Mascia coat

Pierre Louis Mascia coat, G Star Denim pants, Harajuku Girls handbag, Air Jordan 11 shoes, Thrifted headscarf

N8NELOVES YOU shirt, Oak + Fort undershirt, Pierre Louis Mascia skirt, Aldo shoes, Ardenes socks, Specset necklace, ALX sunglasses, GUESS Accessories bracelet, Hunting World handbag

ALX sunglasses, H&M half zip sweater top, Oak + Fort coat, H&M skirt, Amazon socks and gloves, Aldo shoes, Punch Jewelry rings

Adidas hat, Shop Amalgam vintage jacket, 1970s vintage James Lord top, Amazon gloves, Side-Bag JB Gear

Alex S Yu dress, Crocs, Oak+Fort coat, Jeggings Ardenes, Forever 21 socks

Alex S Yu dress, Nike shoes, Lacoste handbag, Specset sunglass chain, Peter and May(sunglasses, Kara Yoo earrings

Photography by Trevor Brady @trevorbrady1

Fashion by Roena Ong @roenaong

Makeup by Talysia Ayala @talysia

Hair by Linda Refosco @hairbylinda_refosco with @lurevancouver

Models. Stella @stellawestling and Caro with @lizbellagency